Our Mission

Doulos Partners exists to empower the indigenous to take the Gospel further and faster to the ends of the Earth.

Doulos Partners is an international church-planting ministry based in Birmingham, Alabama that acts as a missions mutual fund for other Christian nonprofit ministries. We not only provide financial assistance to our ministry partners around the world that share in our vision and mission, but we also provide support through prayer and leadership resources.

Since Doulos’ inception, our Board of Directors and the Leadership Team have covered all of our administrative costs. Thanks to their incredible generosity, we have been able to send 100% of the money raised through our donors to the field. To honor this commitment to our donors, we have an agreement with our partners that they will send 100% of the money they receive from Doulos Partners to the missions field, not taking any administrative fees.

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Our Vision

We are a ministry that works with strategic partners, striving to plant healthy, sustainable, reproducing churches in every village, everywhere.

To accomplish our vision, we firmly believe in the importance of working with indigenous believers and ministries who already have deep roots in the areas God is leading us to. That’s why we partner with church-planting ministries that have established relationships with indigenous leaders worldwide to reach every person with the Gospel as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for believers looking to make a Kingdom impact to have the greatest eternal return on investment. Partnering with committed followers of Christ around the globe has proven to be the most effective and impactful method.

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Greek: δοῦλος

Meaning: Slave
Paul, a bond-servant (doulos) of Christ Jesus, called as an apostle, set apart for the Gospel of God…
Romans 1:1 

Our name, Doulos, is a Greek word in Scripture meaning slave—as in bondservant to the master, Jesus Christ—fully committed to carrying out His commandments.

Our History

In October of 2007, the Lord woke David Johnson, our Founder and CEO, in the middle of the night and gave him the following words: Give, Go, Ask, and Expect.

From there, God led David to three men in Birmingham, Alabama: John Wright, Wayne Myrick, and Scott Gurosky. These men discussed the possibility of starting a ministry that would pursue serious-minded believers in the United States who would partner together to carry the message of Christ to the ends of the earth. Out of those meetings, Wayne, Scott, and David co-founded Doulos Partners.

From that point until the official start of the ministry on April 1, 2008, many prayers and discussions went into the formation of what Doulos would look like as a ministry. It became crystal clear that Doulos would be a partnering organization, not to create something out of nothing, but rather to look for church-planting ministries that were already on the ground in different parts of the world and join them in Kingdom work.

The Lord immediately led us to our first partner who was speaking at a church in Birmingham about their ministry in Cuba and how the Lord is working in that country. It was obvious to all who were involved in Doulos that this was worth pursuing. So, we planned a trip to Cuba, and as they say, the rest is history.

Over the next several years, God led Doulos Partners to several additional strategic partners who are working in different countries across the world, primarily focused on taking the Gospel to unreached people groups, including the Deaf community.

We are very thankful for our history, and we give God all the glory. However, we believe our best days and years are ahead of us. It would be our honor for you to join the mission of Doulos Partners and be a part of our history-making progress—progress guided by God as He charts the course for our ministry. Together, we can take the Gospel further and faster.

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