How It Works
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Our Approach

Through strategic partnerships with successful church-planting ministries, we empower indigenous leaders to advance God’s Kingdom through evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.

We resource our strategic partners, who have established ministries and deep relationships with indigenous pastors around the globe, to train and reproduce leaders to continue sharing the Gospel. 

All evangelical work, including evangelism, discipleship, and church planting, is led by indigenous leaders in their own countries. This approach eliminates many of the obstacles that Western missionaries around the world face in gaining trust, navigating customs, and learning culture.

Join the Mission

Our goal is to provide opportunities for believers looking to make a Kingdom impact to have the greatest eternal return on investment.

We serve as a missions mutual fund, sending resources to Christian church-planting ministry partners where they will make the greatest Kingdom impact.

Since Doulos’ inception, our Board of Directors and the Leadership Team have covered all of our administrative costs. Thanks to their incredible generosity, we have been able to send 100% of the money raised through our donors to the field. To honor this commitment to our donors, we have an agreement with our partners that they will send 100% of the money they receive from Doulos Partners to the missions field, not taking any administrative fees.

Kingdom Impact

Together, we supply our church-planting partners with:
  • Resources and prayer support needed to continue and expand ministry work.
  • Encouragement, love, and support through short-term mission trips.
  • Education and accountability needed to ensure the highest standards of integrity and personal growth.

The results? More church plants and professions of faith!

How It Works

Our funding helps empower indigenous evangelists to reach new villages and towns.

Evangelists reach the lost and disciple new believers. God faithfully raises up leaders with the gift and heart of pastoring. Pastors and new believers plant churches and continue reaching their villages, adding to their number. Multiplication takes place as these disciples plant more churches, reaching more lost people. This allows the evangelists to begin the process again, reaching new villages with the message of Jesus and training more disciples.

These churches may meet in huts, storefronts, under trees, or in homes, but they are built of believers who are being discipled and empowered to reach their lost loved ones and neighbors with the hope of Jesus.
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You can join the mission through prayer, giving, and sharing with others!